LaloPix lets you organize your photos on a map by reading geotags from JPG files

— LaLo stands for Latitude and Longitude —

The location, where a photo has been taken, can be saved in the EXIF header of a JPG photo file. Today every smartphone with a GPS sensor has this geotagging capability (feature must be enabled in the app on your phone). If a photo does not contain geotags already then those can be set manually afterwards. With geotags you can organize your photos on a map based on their location and it allows others to see where a photo has been taken.

LaloPix can read geotags from your JPG photos and organize your photos on a map. It also allows you to write new geotags into your photo files. You can decide if you want to make your photos public and share them with the world or keep them private.


  • Show your photos on a map
  • Organize photos with tags, locations and categories
  • Store, share & publish photos
  • Personal photo page
  • Geotag photos
  • Update EXIF headers
  • For mobile and desktop browsers
  • No installation required!

Coming soon

  • Community features
  • Explore published photos